Accelerate the business growth

Looking to develop a growth strategy for that extra boost when times are good?

Accelerate the business growth

Looking to develop a growth strategy for that extra boost when times are good?

Thoughtful planning for that extra boost when times are good

Clear skies ahead and the wind's at your back. Business is strong and profitability is right on target. It's the perfect time to give your business that extra boost and take it to the next level.

You know that profitability paired with a business opportunity can lead to growth. But if you want to grow, you have to invest—in innovation, modernization or acquisitions.

At Desjardins Capital, we want to get our expertise working for you. We’ll help you build the right financial structure for your particular environment and give you the flexibility you need to double down when times are good.

Grow your business by investing the right way at the right time

Ideas for growth are often inspired by a vision—yours! At Desjardins Capital we’re your ally, a partner that's willing to invest fully in your business. We take the time to understand your investment ideas and goals and offer financing solutions to achieve them in line with your plans for growth.

Desjardins Capital delivers:

  • Personalized support based on analysis and deep understanding of your growth plan

  • An agile, patient financial partner offering a financing package that matches your financing needs and your future repayment ability

  • Custom financing solutions with equity investment or unsecured loan options to optimize your return on investment

  • An agile, accessible team that operates across Quebec

  • Exclusive offers negotiated with specialized service firms and an extensive network of seasoned directors and entrepreneurs ready to put their expertise and advice to work for you

Together with,

  • The credibility and strength of a Quebec-based financial institution that keeps your success front and centre

Boost growth and maintain financial health

You know that growth often comes with intense activity and increases stress on your team and your business.

And you know that planning is key to a successful growth strategy. If executed well, it can take you to new heights while ensuring any internal changes are managed smoothly.

You know you want to grow—but not at the expense of your company’s financial health or your current business relationships.

How can you grow your business at the right pace? How do you meet your short-term financial needs while ensuring the long-term profitability of your initiative?

Desjardins Capital offers “patient” or long-term financing, so you have greater flexibility and a much higher chance of success.

Innovate to stay on top—or edge out the competition

Thinking of designing your growth strategy around innovation? Investing in research and development to improve your products and services or come up with new ones?

Looking to embrace the digital imperative, upgrade your facilities and processes, and boost efficiency and productivity?

Maybe you'd rather acquire competitors to increase your market share?

Entrepreneurs like you often face a dilemma when the time comes to decide where to focus resources.

At Desjardins Capital, we have a wealth of experience helping businesses and entrepreneurs put their growth strategies into action. We share our expertise so you can make informed decisions.

We work with you to identify your financing needs

Your investissement dollars generally pay off over the medium to long term. We know that doesn't make looking for funding any easier. But you need growth capital to move forward.

Desjardins Capital invests in you and your business. Once you meet with one of our investment managers, we’ll find the financing solution that best meets your growth objectives—perhaps an unsecured loan or equity investment in your business.

We know you sometimes need more time or capital than planned. We give you the flexibility and adaptability you need to deploy and carry out your growth strategy.

Our financing solutions are spread over longer periods. That way you can meet your current needs and finance your projects without having to worry about paying off your loan right away. Repayment terms are flexible and linked to your business forecasts.

“At Laserax, we have to grow fast. The tech industry is extremely competitive. We constantly have to analyze and review our ideas to make sure we’re finding the right solutions and investing money the right way. That’s why we work with Desjardins Capital. We talk to our investment manager every week, both about financial matters and about the best way to develop the business and fuel further growth. We’re truly partners in this venture!” - Xavier Godmaire, Laserax CEO

A financial and strategic partner that can help you grow your business.

Your investment manager has expertise and know-how you can count on to help you bring your plans to life.

Gain access to the expertise of our experts throughout Quebec!
Discover flexible and patient financing solutions
Count on our flexibility and freedom to seize every opportunity that comes your way
Gain access to an extensive network of seasoned experts and 550 partner companies

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