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Xavier Godmaire and partner Alex Fraser have been developing innovative, state-of-the-art laser solutions and offering world-class products and services since the inception of their company LaserAx.

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[A young man with short brown hair is interviewed.]
Xavier Godmaire: Laserax is two students who joined forces to start a company.
[Under a clear blue sky, the varied architecture of Old Quebec spreads at the foot of Château Frontenac.]
[Text on screen: From start to growth.]
Xavier Godmaire: Xavier Godmaire, president and co-founder of Laserax and proud entrepreneur from the Quebec City region.
[Xavier stands and smiles in front of a laser marking chamber.]
Xavier Godmaire: At its core, Laserax is the story of two young entrepreneurs, two students at Laval University specialising in photonics who decided to take the opportunity to work with a large manufacturer and start a business to fulfill a need.
[Xavier and his partner walk into an open-concept office and stop behind a man working on a desktop computer. Sitting at a table in a conference room, they examine a metal cylinder.]
Xavier Godmaire: Laserax is an industrial laser equipment supplier selling solutions for the laser marking
or cleaning industry.
[A laser beam inscribes Laxerax's contact information, product information and a QR code onto a pallet of metal bars. A conveyor belt carries the freshly-inscribed product out of the inscription chamber, and then it gets picked up by a forklift.]
Xavier Godmaire: Our clients come from the aluminum or steel industries as well as the automotive parts sector.
[Xavier and his partner talk in front of a white board.]
Xavier Godmaire: I've always been very creative, with a lot of ideas, and I think that's why I became an entrepreneur-- the opportunity to turn these ideas into reality and see them through.
[A 3D model of a laser machine rotates on a computer screen.]
Xavier Godmaire: Laserax has had to grow fast since it's a technology business, so it's been really important for me to challenge our ideas in order to make sure that the products we offer and the capital that we invest are adequate.
[In the Laserax factory, a man wearing safety goggles and ear plugs examines wires on a laser machine.]
Xavier Godmaire: That is why we work with Roland, for example. We talk every week about everything, from finances to how to increase the company's value and generate growth, so we're really close partners in this venture.
[A man wearing safety goggles moves a large mechanical arm over a block of rusty metal and uses it to move a laser beam across the block to remove the rust.]
Xavier Godmaire: In the last year, we went from 15% to 70% on the international front.
[On a white background, a red world map is strewn with thumb tacks concentrated mainly in Quebec, the United States and Western Europe.]
Xavier Godmaire: We want to concentrate our efforts there and establish ourselves in the United States, Mexico, Europe and the Middle East to become a world leader in our industry.
[Xavier and his partner examine a piece of metal on a conference room table. Laserax employees work on computers.]
Xavier Godmaire: The pride I get from being Laserax's co-founder is in building something that's bigger than us, something that I know will become a staple in Quebec known throughout the world.
[A metal cylinder is placed on a tray which pivots into the inscription chamber. An employee enters a code on a control screen and the Laserax logo is laser engraved on the cylinder.]
Xavier Godmaire: If you want to stretch your limits, you have to surround yourself well and embrace challenge. In that regard, having a great partner opens up possibilities for us.

[Image on screen: Desjardins Capital logo]