Transfer my business (sell side)

Looking to sell your business, find a successor and secure its future? You
need a comprehensive transfer of ownership plan.

Transfer my business (sell side)

Looking to sell your business, find a successor and secure its future? You
need a comprehensive transfer of ownership plan.

Are you ready for the next big step?

You've worked hard and your business is successful. You feel that now's the time to pass the torch, but not at just any price! You want a deal that ensures the sustainability of your business after you hand it forward.

At Desjardins Capital, we're committed to supporting Quebec entrepreneurship. That's why we're with you through every step of the transfer process. What's important for us is making sure your move is successful and that your business continues to grow!

Desjardins Capital: Not just a financial partner, an ally!

Desjardins Capital "invests" in your business transfer. We make sure we fully understand your vision, your needs and your market environment to offer you a financing solution that suits you.

We're committed to helping local businesses grow and thrive.

We bring you:

  • Guidance seamlessly tailored to your vision and your local industry conditions
  • Financial expertise that broadens your outlook and helps you make the right decisions
  • Ongoing support for the long haul in line with your vision before, during and after the deal
  • An objective, realistic assessment of the true value of your business
  • Recognition from an investor/partner that transferring or acquiring a business takes flexibility and patience
  • Financing solutions adapted to your needs through equity investment and unsecured loan options
  • Financing options that also allow Desjardins Capital to acquire a majority interest in the share capital
  • The Partner Privileges Program, negotiated with specialized service firms, and an extensive network of seasoned and trusted directors and entrepreneurs ready to give you the benefit of their guidance and expertise

Together with,

  • The credibility and strength of a Quebec financial institution that keeps your success front and centre

You care about the future of your business and the community

You've built and grown a business that's thriving today. You can be proud of that! And the time has come to hand the reins to your successor.

Naturally you care about the future of your business, the well-being of your employees, the benefits of the transfer for your community and, to be frank, your assets.

Thorough preparation is essential to make sure the transfer rolls out the way you want, in keeping with your values and interests.

Who do you want to sell your business to?

A third party, your family or your management team?

The answer to this fundamental question determines the direction you take when you plan your business transfer. Desjardins Capital’s financing solutions can help you move forward, regardless of your decision.

What's important for us is helping you to make informed decisions and weigh the pros and cons of all the options available to you.

You're thinking of selling the business to a third party

If you like to move quickly, selling the business to an outside buyer might be the perfect solution for you.

An agent will handle putting the business on the market and completing the sale, unless you already have a potential buyer in mind.

You prefer that the business remains in the hands of family or close colleagues

Who better to take over the business than a family member or long-time employees who already work there? Some see this as a more complex option, but it can have a number of advantages!

You want to transfer your business with the peace of mind of knowing that it will preserve both its financial values and its principles. That's why it's crucial to prepare successors, make sure they're qualified—ready to stand on their own—and, above all, that they have the necessary funding.

Already chosen a family member as the buyer? Desjardins Capital acts as a neutral third party between the family and your business, ensuring that the deal rolls out goes smoothly.

Take advantage of a unique solution

Proud of our role as the custodian of Quebec entrepreneurship, Desjardins Capital invests even more deeply when the transfer involves one of your loved ones or your management team.

In fact, Desjardins Capital's patience and full support for sellers and buyers alike are unparalleled. If necessary, we even go so far as to take a majority interest in the share capital of the businessan option that ensures financial security and gives your successors time to step into their new role.

Without the burden of heavy debt, when the time is right for the business, the buyers have the leeway to buy back transferred shares with the support of a flexible tailored long-term plan and regain controlling interest in the share capital as planned at the maturity date.

We work with you to identify your financing needs

When you first meet with one of our investment managers, we work together to identify the financing solution that best meets your needs.

Solutions might include an unsecure loan or an equity investment in the business.

The first few years after a business transfer are often critical and results sometimes fall short of expectations. We understand that and offer you patient, flexible capital.

A true financial partner, Desjardins Capital invests in the entrepreneurs we work with. We share your vision and strive to add value to your business.

"If I have one piece of advice to give, it's to follow your heart and surround yourself with people who share your values. At Multiforme Métal, that's allowed us to go at our own pace and maintain our personality and integrity as a business." – Kristel Miville, President, Multiforme Métal

Desjardins Capital can support you through every step of the business transfer process

You can count on your investment manager to successfully complete each step of this major initiative

Take every step of your transfer plan with confidence based on the advice of our experts
Choose Desjardins Capital's patient and flexible financing
Gain access to an extensive network of seasoned experts and more than 550 partner companies
Profit from Desjardins Capital's flexibility to take a majority stake

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