Improve the cash flow

Business opportunities are teeming and you'd like to take advantage of them. Moving forward, you'll need financing to meet the demand.

Improve the cash flow

Business opportunities are teeming and you'd like to take advantage of them. Moving forward, you'll need financing to meet the demand.

Why improve your working capital?

Essentially, the funds that keep your business operating are referred to as your working capital. It's the cash available to pay current expenses—employee salaries, supplier invoices, operating expenses and short-term debts.

In addition to ensuring the day-to-day operations of your business, working capital can also enable you to self-finance growth... provided there's enough left over. 

Prudent working capital management can be a challenge for any business—small, medium or large. Often, hiccups can occur due to accelerated growth, not from issues related to profitability.

That's why we take the time at Desjardins Capital to understand your business and your strategic vision.

We have a team of experts across Quebec to help you develop and implement your business plan. With sound advice, you'll be able to manage your working capital more easily and increase it to meet your needs.

Desjardins Capital helps you improve working capital

Growth is accelerating. Your need for capital is growing, too. If you don't meet demand, you'll lose customers to the competition.

Need more time and resources to complete financing arrangements? The Desjardins Capital team can simplify your life and support you every step of the way.

We deliver:

  • The support of an experienced team that will gain an understanding of your business model and analyze your present and future needs

  • Financial and strategic advice to maximize and assess the impact of your investments

  • Transparent collaboration to better inform decisions and limit the impact of the short-term requirements of other financial institutions involved

  • A team committed to your success that can give you quick access to the financial resources you need to grow

  • Exclusive offers negotiated with specialized service firms and an extensive network of internal and external business relationships ready to advise you and give you the benefit of their expertise

Together with,

  • The credibility and strength of a Quebec financial institution that keeps your success front and centre

How can working capital contribute to success?

The situations that call for improved working capital are many and varied. They're a function of your business environment and the goals you have for your business.

Business is booming!

You're expecting near-term accelerated growth for your business. You see opportunities today that won't be there tomorrow, and you want to be able to act now without having to wait on customer payments.

Give your growth new life

You're anticipating stronger industry demand and you need to increase inventory. Or you've tweaked your marketing strategy, and that means you need to develop new markets. Improved working capital will let you budget for additional expenses and handle a larger volume of business.

Innovating gives you a competitive edge

You've launched an innovative product line that gives you an edge over the competition. You need to step up production to meet the new demand, so you need funds quickly.

You're thinking about acquiring or merging with another industry company

One of your competitors has market share you'd like to acquire. You'd like to access patient capital for a business acquisition or merger. Desjardins Capital is a partner that shares your vision for the long haul by offering you greater flexibility.

A financial cushion that allows you to be more patient

Accounts receivable or some important orders are slow to come in. While your business is profitable, you're experiencing a temporary tight spot. Improving working capital might be just the right ticket to let you ride it out more calmly.

Identify your financing needs

Your first meeting with a specialized investment manager will give you a detailed overview of the tailor-made financing solutions Desjardins Capital can offer you. Together, you and your investment manager will determine the option that's best for your needs.

Desjardins Capital has financing options that can let you improve your working capital and reach your goals, through loans (unsecured loan) or equity investments in your business.

We work with you over the long term to help you bring your plans to life and continue to grow.

"My colleagues and I strive to recommend solutions to improve working capital for our partners, to make sure entrepreneurs close the best possible deal and enjoy maximum flexibility for the future."- Jean-Philippe Coiteux, Investment Manager, Desjardins Capital

Desjardins Capital, your partner in the growth and sustainability of your business.

Desjardins Capital will support, advise and set you up to meet your needs and continue your growth.

Rely on an experienced team that understands your business model
Get financial support to maximize the impact of your investments
Get flexible, patient financing that meets your needs
Benefit from special deals with a network of experienced suppliers

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