Acquire a business (merger or acquisition)

Large projects require a solid plan. Your strategic vision is vital to its success!

Acquire a business (merger or acquisition)

Large projects require a solid plan. Your strategic vision is vital to its success!

Testimonial Acquire a business (merger or acquisition)
It’s not every day you see a small mining prospector become a mine operator by acquiring a major player. I guess we can be proud to say we’re an exception to the rule!
– Jean-Marc Lacoste, President and CEO, Monarch Gold Corporation.
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Ready for an M&A?

Your business is thriving. As an entrepreneur and executive, you’re always on the lookout for new market opportunities. You’re committed to growing your business, which is why you’re always open to new options.

At Desjardins Capital, we have the expert resources and knowledge to guide you throughout the M&A process, from researching the target business to developing an integration plan to finalizing the transaction. We invest in your project from start to finish to ensure its success.

Desjardins Capital, your partner for a successful M&A

You have big ambitions and the will to execute your growth plan. We have the financial expertise and the network of key resources to help.

Desjardins Capital offers a host of advantages:

  • Proven expertise in mergers and acquisitions
  • Expertise in your industry and understanding of the economic realities in your region
  • An investment manager who’s actively involved in your thought process and decision-making
  • Advice to help you create your target list and do your due diligence
  • Support structuring the transaction properly and developing a transition plan
  • Financial, legal and tax advice to help you flesh out your M&A strategy
  • Exclusive offers negotiated with specialized service firms and an extensive network of seasoned, trusted directors and entrepreneurs ready to give you the benefit of their expertise and advice

Together with,

  • The credibility and strength of a Quebec-based financial institution that keeps your success front and centre

Grow faster through a merger or acquisition

As a business owner, you’re ambitious and goal-oriented. To make your vision a reality, you definitely want to consider the possibility of a merger or acquisition. With the right preparation and structure, an M&A can accelerate growth and take your business to new heights.

Bigger, farther, faster

Ready to conquer new markets? Improve your production capacity? Boost performance? Increase sales?

Proper M&A planning can fast-track your growth.

Thinking of buying out a competitor?

Acquiring or merging with a competitor is an effective way to sustain your business and strengthen your market position. But detailed preparation is key to a successful transaction.

When you partner with Desjardins Capital, you get an investor that’s with you right from the start and helps see your project through the way you envision it.

Has a business caught your eye?

You know your market and the other players in it. You’ve probably already got your eye on a few firms you might be interested in acquiring. But how do you tell which one would be the best investment?

Your first step is to make a realistic assessment of each target and its market position. Is the target already for sale? Or will you have to prepare an unsolicited offer? It’s a good idea to look at the transaction from every angle and put all the pieces in place to attain your goal.

With a track record of successful transactions, our experts at Desjardins Capital have the right experience to guide you through the process.

Do you have the same culture and values?

The target’s culture and values have to mesh with yours. This is a crucial point that’s often overlooked.

Do you have the same management approach? How about operations? Have you evaluated all the risks, such as those related to employee integration? What about contingencies?

Before you take the plunge, you have to ask the right questions to avoid any surprises and make sure you're in a position to effectively manage the change.

We work with you to identify your financing needs

When you meet with one of our investment managers, you’ll learn about all the details of the personalized financing solutions Desjardins Capital offers. Together we’ll determine the best option for your merger or acquisition plan, including unsecured loan or equity investment solutions.

The most important thing for you is knowing that Desjardins Capital is an agile and patient investor that understands your business reality and adapts to it. That's key in an M&A, since the process is usually spread out over months or even years.

We take the long view and work hand in hand with you to achieve your goals. If you can press ahead with confidence and peace of mind thanks to a fully invested partner, your chances of success are that much stronger.

“Desjardins Capital was right there with us for our first big deal: buying our competitor! Without that support, I don’t think Monarch would have as strong a position in the mining market as we do today.” - Jean-Marc Lacoste, President and CEO, Monarch Gold Corporation

You have a vision. We have the resources to make it happen.

More than an investor, Desjardins Capital is a strategic partner, an ally who can support you every step of the way.

Count on proven merger and acquisition expertise
Take advantage of flexible and patient financing solutions that fit your situation
Gain access to an extensive network of experts and partner companies
Benefit from special deals with a network of experienced suppliers