The Transatlantic Fund

The Transatlantic Fund


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Published on 14 May 2019
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The Transatlantic Fund: a growth accelerator for entrepreneurs

The Transatlantic Fund: a growth accelerator for entrepreneurs

Quebec’s entrepreneurs have a definite interest in considering France as part of their growth strategy, even more so since the creation of the Transatlantic Fund, a joint initiative of Desjardins Capital and Siparex. Thanks to this new initiative, France, Belgium and Quebec are accessible for ambitious entrepreneurs on both sides of the ocean, who will be able to take advantage of solid backing and renowned expertise with the right people. How can you benefit from this new business opportunity?

Exploring new markets

Launched in June 2018, the Transatlantic Fund encourage business expansion on both the European and North American continents. Equipped with starting capital nearly $120 M, the genesis of the fund was a strategic partnership between Desjardins Capital (Canada) and Groupe Siparex (France), with the support of Export Development Canada (EDC), and BPIfrance, Banque Publique d’Investissement.

Growth opportunities ahead

Transatlantic Fund’s unique advantages are numerous: in addition to being able to access significant financing—often in the form of equity—selected companies will have the benefit of top-notch advisors in each country, each of whom have exceptional business networks that are as effective as they are competitive.

As a result, entrepreneurs will have reliable financial and human resources to call upon, in addition to a vast network of businesspeople, to promote international linkages and company growth. Fund users will therefore be able to take advantage of new business opportunities knowing that they will be coached by accomplished professionals.

Are you eligible for the Transatlantic Fund?

The Transatlantic Fund favour companies that are well established in their respective markets, and which demonstrate pronounced ambition to develop internationally. Regardless of economic sector, the Fund will focus on mature companies, that frequently generate revenue above $20 million annually.

France: special access for entrepreneurs

France is recognized for its specialized labour force, its educational system that is well known to produce quality technical and engineering employees, its stable economic ecosystem, its openness—all this, in addition to sharing common language with Quebec. France is also known to be committed to a vast reform plan, which makes it an attractive location for foreign investors, and a privileged entryway to the European market. This reciprocal vitality represents a significant advantage to Quebec entrepreneurs who seek to export their know-how, while simultaneously extending their dynamism in order to accrue prosperity.  



Learn more about the Transatlantic Fund

In the video below, Bertrand Rambaud, President of French company Groupe Siparex (with whom Desjardins has had ties for the past 30 years), articulates the main advantages of the Transatlantic Fund as a lever for growth, beneficial for all. With over 3.2 B€ in assets under management, Siparex is one of France’s primary SME investors. The Groupe has a presence throughout France, and has developed partnerships in numerous countries in Europe and North Africa.  



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