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Published on 20 January 2021
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E2Metrix – Innovation to benefit the environment

Improving water quality through electro-technology is the challenge Mohamed Laaroussi set himself by creating E2Metrix. Following many years of research and development, the Sherbrooke-based company has established itself in the clean technology sector by designing, manufacturing and marketing numerous solutions that meet the needs of various industries.

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Innovation to benefit the environment

Mohamed Laaroussi:
With E2Metrix, we’re in the business of waste water treatment, but with a specialized focus. It’s what I call the high tech of clean tech. For us, definitely, the primary challenge was technological. So, we’re proud of what our team has developed.

Ihsen Ben Sala:
It’s an electro-technology that mainly uses electric currents for water treatment. For sure, we had to face all the challenges that new technologies have to deal with. We’re also able to transform challenges into opportunities. We have to adapt our solution to meet the aims of each of our clients.

Mohamed Laaroussi:
Having created three companies in Québec, I can now say that Desjardins is a partner that has been a major source of support for at least 20 years. To be able to support growth and help entrepreneurs, you usually have money on one side and people on the other side.
Speaking of Desjardins Capital, you have the money and the people. And when I say people, I’m talking about what I personally experience with my investment manager. He supports you all the way and helps you get through crucial times for your business.

Ihsen Ben Sala:
Our vision is to be a world leader in electro-technology. We have a portfolio of several patents. So, we would like to see our product used everywhere. It's going to take us mergers and acquisitions or very strong strategic partnerships across the world.