Grow internationally

Today, with the right support and a little daring, the world's at your fingertips.

Grow internationally

Today, with the right support and a little daring, the world's at your fingertips.

Growing beyond borders

What you're seeking, first and foremost, is a financial partner in Quebec that shares your vision for the future.

Growing beyond borders can help you increase sales, diversify sources of revenue, establish mutually profitable partnerships... and much more. International growth is a world of possibilities.

Today, the economic climate between France and Canada is particularly favourable to entrepreneurs on both sides of the Atlantic because of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), which encourages increased bilateral trade. The agreement offers new opportunities for Canadian and French companies looking to grow internationally.

At Desjardins Capital, we can help you navigate this adventure, and help you put every chance for success on your side.

Desjardins Capital: a unique partner for your international development

In addition to the financial leverage we bring you, Desjardins Capital has the business intelligence you need to grow internationally.

You also enjoy:

  • Local support through an exceptional business network

  • A bicultural team on the ground in France and Quebec

  • A tailored financing structure and the best possible financial terms

  • Exclusive access to the best independent directors with solid experience in your industry and deep knowledge of tailored governance

  • Experts in the field to bring you up to speed on the local market and the business rules you need to know

Together with,

  • The expertise of our corporate finance advisors, who offer flexible equity investment and unsecured loan solutions

How will your business grow abroad?

Your business is unique. It has the structure, maturity, mission, products and services to compete in the local market. By analyzing these and other qualities, Desjardins Capital can support you through every next step as you expand outside Quebec.

Your international plans can take many forms, including:

  • A merger with a local company that shares your values
  • The acquisition of a business abroad that rapidly increases your business volume
  • A distribution partnership that gives you access to new markets
  • A local subsidiary that introduces your products to new customers
  • A joint venture created from networking and mutually beneficial relationships

The possibilities are endless—you just have to find the opportunity that's best for you.

Most importantly, you know that Desjardins Capital is committed to your success.

Meet with our international growth experts today

"Investing abroad often means facing unknown challenges". That being said, you've never had cold feet and you're ready to meet people who not only recognize your potential, but know how to achieve it.

Desjardins Capital offers you the knowledge and support of investment managers with hands-on experience in France, Spain, Italy and Germany. They can show you the right way to do things, save you time and set you up financially to reach your goals.

The Transatlantic Fund: an innovation that opens doors

One of a kind in Canada, The Transatlantic Fund grew out of a partnership between Desjardins Capital and Groupe Siparex, a French investment company with a mission similar to ours.

Export Development Canada (EDC) and Bpifrance are among the major sponsors of this €75M ($120M) fund for French companies planning to develop markets in North America through Quebec, and for Canadian companies to expand in Europe through France or Belgium.

A partnership that provides concrete support for businesses seeking to conquer new international markets.

We identify your financing needs

After you meet with one of our dedicated investment managers, we'll work together to tailor the best financing solution for your expansion plans, perhaps an equity investment in your business or a loan (unsecured loan). With the Transatlantic Fund, your business could also tap into all the international support tools offered by EDC.

You'll find that Desjardins Capital is an investor that understands your situation and adapts to it. We're a strategic financial partner that shares your vision and we want to see you thrive.

"International expansion offers phenomenal opportunities. And it's an exciting move for a business, its teams and its CEO. Our role is to support CEOs and to match their ambition. Up front, we provide both financial and operational support. We help them knock on the right doors and our business networks welcome them."– Antoine Krug, Associate Director, Siparex Group

"The economic climate is particularly favourable for increasing bilateral trade between Canada and France. This innovative C$120 million fund jointly managed by two recognized managers comes at a great time. We can invest in French and Quebec SMEs to support their growth in concrete ways." – Claude Delâge, Senior Investment Manager, Desjardins Capital

Desjardins Capital's added value abroad.

We have the expertise, resources, networks, and ideas to help you succeed and prosper abroad.

Make your projects a reality with our flexible and patient financing solutions
Benefit from the advice of our bicultural team
Profit from our network of experts who understand the realities and conditions of the marketplace
You will receive the support, advice and solutions to reach your goals internationally

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