Innovate and modernize installations

To get an edge over the competition and accelerate growth, implement a forward-looking innovation strategy.

Innovate and modernize installations

To get an edge over the competition and accelerate growth, implement a forward-looking innovation strategy.

Testimonial Innovate and modernize installations
We’re not just building a successful and sustainable business—we’re also making a positive contribution to society.
– Philip Barrar, President & Co-founder, Moka
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Give your business the tools to achieve its full potential

You’re an entrepreneur. You keep an eye on the competition. You know that innovating and modernizing are crucial if you want your business to grow and succeed over the long haul.

You also know that to get there, you need a financing structure that works for you.

The process can seem complex or the resources out of reach. That’s why you need the support of a financial partner that understands you.

At Desjardins Capital, we offer the support you need to pursue your goal, whether you're modernizing or innovating.

Desjardins Capital, a financial partner that shares your vision

At Desjardins Capital, we’re not just investment partners. We take the time to get a clear picture of what you’re trying to achieve with your business and then develop a financing structure that will help you get there.

With Desjardins Capital, you’ll enjoy:

  • An approach tailored to your business’s specific situation

  • A partner invested in making your clearly defined vision a reality

  • An agile team operating across Quebec

  • Professional expertise and the understanding that innovation requires flexibility and patience

  • Customized financing solutions with equity investment or unsecured loan options

  • An extensive network of experts and entrepreneurs and a pool of directors and other resources who can offer advice and help refine your thinking

  • Exclusive offers we negotiate so our partner businesses can enjoy attractive and competitive pricing

Together with,

  • The credibility of a Quebec financial institution that keeps your success front and centre

Is investing to modernize or innovate really a necessity?

Why tread water when you could be getting ahead? You need to find new ways to stand out in a competitive market—the growth of your business depends on it.

These days, your ability to innovate and streamline operations is key to your success—wherever you do business.

You know you need to move forward to secure your position in tomorrow’s market. But where do you start?

Give your business what it needs to succeed

Clearly, if you’re thinking innovation, your business will need time, human resources and—you got it—capital.

While returns are just fine right now, isn't there potential for more? Absolutely. But if you want to take it to the next level and create a new product or modernize your processes, you need the resources to do it.

Large projects generally have a significant impact on operations and results, and that can make it harder to secure a traditional loan.

At Desjardins Capital, we support many businesses through the process of modernizing. Coming up with financing solutions tailored to your needs is built into our approach.

Most importantly, we choose to invest because we believe in your vision and in the growth potential of your business.

“The concept of working with an equity financing partner is still kind of new and unfamiliar. The market remains pretty much focused on debt as a source of financing. So, often when we sit down with clients and start analyzing their business, their vision and their objectives—and we see an equity opportunity that looks promising—they have a Wow! moment, because we can offer several different options and clearly explain the pros and cons.” - Eric Krause, Investment Manager, Desjardins Capital

Financing solutions that fit your growth strategy.

Make your plans come to life with a financial partner that understands you.

Meet the challenges of tomorrow's markets with tailor-made financing solutions
Benefit from an agile team committed to your success

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