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Published on 24 December 2020
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On the international stage with Solotech

Solotech’s mission is to develop and implement audiovisual solutions and innovative technologies to create unique event experiences across the world. Its President and Chief Executive Officer, Martin Tremblay, explains how the business has been growing internationally with support from the Transatlantic Fund. Entrepreneurs intending to enter the European market can learn from his experience.

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Martin Tremblay - President and Chief Executive Officer – Solotech
Solotech is a world leader in integrating audio-visual systems and event solutions. 
New markets on the horizon
Solotech has been growing internationally since 2017, and over the next few years we plan to continue acquiring businesses abroad and investing in those same businesses with an eye to organic growth.
When we make an acquisition at Solotech, we do it in three stages. First, a financial analysis, then an analysis of the culture and the values of the organization. And third is the management team: we want to make sure we have solid leaders in place to carry our operations forward.
Support from the Transatlantic Fund
The Transatlantic Fund is an important partner for Solotech in its expansion into Europe. It has a deep understanding of the businesses and economies across all of the regions.
Antoine Krug - Investment Manager - Transatlantic Fund - Siparex 
I quickly saw the full range of Solotech’s expertise and was confident of its potential in Europe. So, I put Martin in touch with some key actors in France, in particular. And I walked him through the entire acquisition process.
A word to the wise for entrepreneurs
The biggest challenge for any company acquiring businesses abroad is adapting to the culture.
The best advice is to think global, but act local. A local management team that understands employees and their culture is crucial.
Together, beyond borders