Business transfers - buy side

Looking to take the helm of an established business and guide it to the next level? Desjardins Capital provides the support you need to achieve your goals.

Business transfers - buy side

Looking to take the helm of an established business and guide it to the next level? Desjardins Capital provides the support you need to achieve your goals.

Testimonial Buying a business
I’m particularly proud of acquiring a well-established business and taking it further by keeping jobs here in Rivières-des-Prairies.
– Kristel Miville, President, Multiform Métal
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A transition plan is a bridge between the present and the future

For Desjardins Capital, becoming your business transfer partner is a long-term commitment. We invest in your ultimate goal, to help you master every step of the process. That's the kind the support you need before, during and after the transaction to ensure the sustainability of your business.

Through equity investments or unsecured loans, we can provide tailor-made financing solutions that are both flexible and strategic.

To prepare you as much as possible and give you maximum flexibility, Desjardins Capital also has the latitude to become a majority shareholder of the business for a defined period. This option, which provides for a share buyback when the time is right for you, is an avenue that ensures the financial security of the business while you set your course of action.

As always, we tailor our solutions to your financial needs and challenges.

What's the business profile Desjardins Capital is looking for?

Desjardins Capital is looking to support Quebec entrepreneurs leading businesses that:

  • Are strong performers with stable profitability and growth potential

  • Are structured and led by a management team (or a new management team), with proven skills and discipline

  • Are ambitious, yet realistic buyers with a well-built, in-depth, bold and pragmatic business plan

  • Offer products, services or processes with a distinct competitive edge in a large and growing market


Buying a business

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[A woman with short blonde hair is interviewed.]
Kristel Miville: A year and a half ago, I started doing research. I analyzed over 40 businesses before finding my dream company.
[Background music: Upbeat instrumental music.]
[Aerial footage of downtown Montreal at the foot of Mount Royal.]
[Text on screen: A successful business transfer.]
Kristel Miville: Kristel Miville, President of Multiforme Metal and proud Montreal entrepreneur.
[Kristel poses with her arms crossed, smiling broadly.]
Kristel Miville: I made the move to being an entrepreneur because I wanted to be my own boss. I was raised by entrepreneurs and I've always worked in the manufacturing industry, so this was a natural transition for me.
[Kristel and a colleague speak together as they walk through the Multiforme Metal factory. Metal cylinders of various sizes are arranged side by side. An employee works on rectangular pieces of metal, operating a machine that crimps their edges.]
Kristel Miville: I started doing research a year and a half ago. I analyzed over 40 businesses before finding Multiforme Metal last year.
[In the factory, employees work on designing containers, compactors and garbage chutes bearing the logo of Multiforme Metal.]
Kristel Miville: Desjardins Capital was the leader in this transaction. With their help, we were able to create a sound business model with my other financial partners. They allowed me to build something flexible to pursue the goal we had set for ourselves.
[An employee suspends a large metal structure with a pulley. Another opens an electrical box and works on the wires inside. A third transports a blue garbage chute using a forklift and loads it onto the back of a truck.]
Kristel Miville: The future of Multiforme Metal depends on innovation. We're working on products and developing an intelligent chute that meets the criteria of municipalities like Montreal, a chute that will be able to separate compost, trash and recycling materials. It's the niche product we're currently concentrating on.
[A man enters a waste disposal room and pushes a button reading "Recycling" on a control panel, and then inserts a newspaper into the chute. In the basement, the massive blue structure divides waste into three separate containers.]
Kristel Miville: My advice to young entrepreneurs would be to put great financial partners on their team, to know their own limits and to keep them top of mind throughout the process in order to identify an acquisition or business that really aligns with their core personal values.

[Image on screen: Desjardins Capital logo]

"Without our investment manager at Desjardins Capital supporting us, I don't think buying the business would have gone ahead under conditions that were right for us or that Multiforme Metal would have advanced as quickly." - Kristel Miville, President Multiforme Métal


What is equity financing?

We support businesses in the early transfer planning stage with transfer capital, which is an equity investment.

This type of financing gives you considerable flexibility during the transition, unlike a debt investment (such as a term loan) that has to be paid back, often under restrictive terms. We understand that time is key to successfully achieving your goal.

What is an unsecured loan?

An unsecured loan is an alternative for a business that doesn't want to dilute its equity. This type of financing demonstrates our confidence in the future growth of Desjardins Capital's partner companies. With an average duration of 5 to 8 years, unsecured loans offer flexible repayment terms and are tied to company projections, rather than its existing assets.

At Desjardins Capital, we're people too

Taking a business in hand takes a long time! It's also an emotionally charged process for the seller. Often, the stakes go far beyond the actual transaction.

Patient capital: An ideal solution for business transfers

We know you need time to successfully complete each step in reaching your goal. That's why the transfer capital Desjardins Capital offers is called "patient"—because it's a medium- or long-term investment.

Transfer capital helps you bring your dream of being an entrepreneur to life and then to make it on your own. It's a tailor-made, flexible and scalable financing solution that factors in the challenges facing the business.

Why work with Desjardins Capital?

We’re committed to your success. That’s why our approach to financing works to your advantage. As investors, we're:

We understand the ins and outs of transferring your type of business
We are committed to fostering innovation in tomorrow’s top businesses
We offer tailored financing solutions across Quebec
We tap into an extensive network of experts who offer sound guidance

Looking for financing to successfully buy a business?
We have a tailor-made solution for you.

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