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Published on 22 January 2021
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Liberty Spring – A company with international reach based in the regions

Liberty Spring’s mission in developing its new composite material based spring technology is to increase electric vehicle range, reduce conventional vehicles’ fuel consumption and improve SUV performance. Since Mathieu Ouellet joined the company in 2012, it has expanded abroad while retaining its head office and 450 jobs in Montmagny.

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A company with international reach based in the regions

Mathieu Ouellet:
Liberty Spring is currently among the top 20 spring manufacturers in the world.
Our goal is to make it to the top 5 in about 15 years.

René Fournier:
With its ambitious strategic plan, Liberty Spring has the means to develop a spring technology based on composite materials. These lighter springs could, for example, increase electric vehicle range and reduce fuel consumption of conventional vehicles.

Jean Dubois:
I’ve been with Liberty Spring for some thirty years. It’s in 2012 that the succession plan was launched when Mathieu Ouellet joined the company as an officer.

Mathieu Ouellet:
Jean and I was very pleased to welcome our new partners, including Desjardins Capital, at the end of 2019. Desjardins Capital quickly understood our culture and bought in to our strategy. They have the ability to support us in developing the company and achieving our future goals.

Jean Dubois:
It’s a project that is of primary importance to Liberty Spring as it allowed us to keep the head office in Québec and retain 450 jobs, including 21 in research and development.

Mathieu Ouellet:
If you take a walk around Liberty Spring’s plants, you would feel the energy coming from the people in the company. That’s the strength of Liberty Spring, across the world.