Start-up businesses – Venture capital

Behind every large business, there’s a story about people like you—entrepreneurs who seized an opportunity to start something new.

Start-up businesses – Venture capital

Behind every large business, there’s a story about people like you—entrepreneurs who seized an opportunity to start something new.

Testimonial Driving growth
We're on the way to becoming a Quebec flagship that excels for our know-how in Quebec and globally.
– Xavier Godmaire, President & CEO, Laserax
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You have an innovative start-up and are looking for financing solutions?

At Desjardins Capital, we want you to have the resources you need to move on to the next level and transform your technology or industrial business project into one of Quebec’s future flagship companies. You had a great idea, invested long hours in it, and now you are starting to reap the rewards of your hard work. Our team of experts can help you go further.

Venture capital: the next step on your growth path

By becoming your business partner, we can provide you with the tools to nurture your start-up’s growth and improve its odds of success. Our goal is to see you succeed in your business project, thrive in the home market and maybe even achieve international recognition one day!

As a strategic partner, our most important role is to offer you personalized strategic coaching to help you plan the next major steps of your entrepreneurial project.

What’s the business profile Desjardins Capital is looking for?

Desjardins Capital wishes to support the next generation of home-grown leaders of businesses that are:

  • Dynamic and forward-looking, with a unique competitive advantage or technological/industrial innovation as a core component of their business strategy;
  • Promising, poised to become industry leaders by leveraging strategic opportunities or intellectual property related to innovative products or services;
  • Emerging, in a market with substantial size or demonstrated growth potential;
  • Structured and led by a competent and driven team fully committed to its commercialization.

How can Desjardins Capital help you achieve success?

We’re a partner fully invested in your development. We share your ambitions: like you, we want your business project to succeed. Our expert in your region will ask you to take a step back and weigh all the options available to you. He/she will be involved in the strategic thinking that will accelerate your growth, and will also make available to you our network of experts, directors and partner businesses.

Is your business operating in a market with significant growth potential?

Desjardins Capital wishes to partner with:

  • Business ventures with demonstrated potential for medium-term value creation and economic benefits for Quebec;


  • Businesses with initial financing from an investment partner that shares its goals and vision for future development.

Is venture capital the right type of financing for you?

Venture capital provides start-up companies with the funds they need to drive accelerated growth. It’s an outstanding springboard for a successful launch and rapid growth.

The venture financing provided by Desjardins Capital is called “patient” capital because short-term return is not our primary focus. Since our financing solution horizon is medium to long term, you can realize your immediate potential and we can support you over a long period of time.

Why work with Desjardins Capital?

Our approach to financing works to your advantage because we're committed to your success. As investors, we're:

We understand the ups and downs your business faces and favour a long-term vision
We are committed to fostering innovation in tomorrow’s top businesses
We offer tailored financing solutions across Quebec
We tap into an extensive network of experts who offer sound guidance

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