Éric Krause
Investment Manager
Bachelor of Commerce degree (Finance and International Business major)

Éric Krause

"I never lose. I either win or I learn"

– Nelson Mandela

Among the portfolio

Before joining Roynat Capital in 2008, Éric Krause worked for GE Capital in Ottawa and Montreal for four years. He also completed a one-year consulting assignment in La Paz, Bolivia, that involved implementing a microcredit services program for Bolivian businesses.

In his seven years with Roynat Capital he held various positions in the senior debt and subordinated debt business unit.

What Éric Krause can do for you

Since joining Desjardins in 2015 as an investment manager, Éric has been supporting Quebec’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by delivering financing solutions tailored to the realities of individual businesses in the form of unsecured loans or equity. He brings to the role his experience as Roynat’s Senior Manager for Risk Management in Quebec and Atlantic Canada, which involved reviewing and approving investment recommendations for Roynat’s overall portfolio in Quebec and the Atlantic provinces.


Éric has a bachelor’s degree in commerce from McGill University with a focus on finance and international commerce.

What would an entrepreneur say about you?

Entrepreneurs describe me as a entrepreneur. Intrapreneur is a concept and I'm proud to be my own intrapreneur at Desjardins Capital.

What great business story inspires you?

I have a lot of respect for entrepreneurs who rally after a disastrous situation that would have meant the end for most businesses. I’m really inspired by the story of Quebec company Faspac Plastiks, which specializes in flexible plastic packaging products. In 2016 the shareholders came to Desjardins Capital for assistance because they wanted to buy and move to a new plant.

In April 2017, a few days after they had moved most of the equipment into the new facility, it was completely destroyed in a major fire. But the shareholders didn’t give up in the face of disaster. They managed to get through the ordeal using the equipment that was still in the old plant and with the help of their friends, suppliers and customers. With the patient capital injected into the business by Desjardins Capital, Faspac was able to weather the storm and maintain enough cash flow to continue operations. Since then, Faspac has rebuilt the plant and ordered new state-of-the-art equipment so it can start growing again.

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