New appointments

New appointments

We are proud to announce the following appointments to the Board of directors of our partner companies.

Larry Karass appointed to the Board of Directors of Inno-3B

A multilingual business strategist, Larry Karass has over thirty years’ experience in national and international business development and oversees the sound governance of businesses and non-profit organisations.  As a leader, he has propelled business growth in the food, natural products and industrial packaging sectors.

Established in 2014 in St-Pâcome, Inno-3B has developed an innovative state-of-the-art technology consisting of an automated system of vertical greenhouses that promote the local production of fruits, vegetables and herbs. This smart technology makes it possible to grow organic plants economically and ecologically in a controlled environment throughout the year thanks to the expertise of passionate engineers and agronomists. The company has about fifteen employees.

Robert Amyot appointed to the Board of Directors of Optina Diagnostiques

A cardiologist by profession, Robert Amyot created a start-up business which he later sold to CAE where he became, until very recently, president of the health care division at CAE Inc. Mr. Amyot has an excellent knowledge of the American market and the context of start up businesses.

Optina Diagnostics is developing technology to early detect Alzheimer's through retinal imaging. Used for the first time in diagnosing Alzheimer's, the Optina Diagnostic retinal imaging test is a retina scan that revolutionizes the way Alzheimer’s is diagnosed.

Brian Lindy appointed to the Board of Directors of XC Commerce.

Brian Lindy has extensive experience as Vice President of Finance for retail technology companies. He is currently Vice President of Finance for Zoom Media.

XcCommerce has developed a suite of software solutions that allow retailers to improve the management of their promotional campaigns through different channels of distribution. This generates a harmonized customer experience, whether in store, on the Web or through the call centre. The Montreal business employs around twenty people and has a renowned clientele in Canada and the Unites States.