New appointments

New appointments

We are proud to announce the following appointments to the Board of directors of our partner companies.

Gilles Déry appointed to the Board of Directors of Groupe Avantage Logistic

Gilles Déry acts as director and manager for different companies in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean area and is very involved in the economic development of his region. Among the organisations he presides and directs are Québecinnove and the Centre québécois de recherche et développement de l’aluminium.

Founded in 1995 in Saguenay, Advantage Logistic Group offers freight transportation services by truck for moving (freight container shipping) and storing refrigerated or non-refrigerated goods. Other customer equipment services include scale and pallet services. This Saguenay company has nearly 200 employees.

Jean-Pierre Robert nommé au conseil d'administration de My Intelligent Machines 

Jean-Pierre Robert is a senior officer with extensive experience in the life sciences sector.  His main fields of activity include global alliances/strategic partnerships, organisational restructuring and risk management as well as strategic and tactical support.

My Intelligent Machines believes that omic research should be accessible to all life scientists worldwide. Its mission is to accelerate post-genomic research by leveraging bioinformatics and empowering life scientists, catalyzing their creativity, and giving them access to and assistance with groundbreaking omic tools and methods.

Isabelle Pasquet appointed to the Board of Directors of Fruit d’Or inc.

Isabelle Pasquet has extensive experience in marketing, sales and business development for multi-network environments, multinationals and business enterprises established in Canada, the United States and in Europe, with national and international visibility.

Fruit d'Or is Canada’s leading producer and processor of organic cranberries and blueberries and their by-products, consisting of fresh, dried or frozen fruit and fruit juices or concentrates. Founded in 1999, the company has four facilities, two of which are located in Villeroy and Plessisville. Fruit d’Or employs more than 250 people.