Maxime Girard
Investment Manager

Maxime Girard

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” 
- Wayne Gretzky

Among the portfolio

Maxime Girard has worked in business financing since 2008. Specializing in mergers/acquisition and investing, he has been involved in transactions in Canada and abroad, for both growth and established companies. Maxime has developed expertise in financial services, banking and insurance, asset management and financial product distribution, as well as in the entrepreneurial technology industry.

What Maxime Girard can do for you

Maxime helps start-ups secure financing and supports their growth and development. With his experience in the field, he specializes in financial services to support and develop entrepreneurship in Québec.


Maxime est titulaire d’un baccalauréat en administration, spécialisation finance, de l’université Laval et d’une maîtrise en gestion des affaires (MBA) du Rotman School of Business de l’université de Toronto. Maxime est également titulaire du titre CFA.

What would an entrepreneur say about you?

That I am more practical than pragmatic, with a keen business sense and a client-centred entrepreneurial approach. I look for solutions and ways to do things efficiently; my role is to help entrepreneurs and sometimes I even go beyond the call of duty. I am resolutely positive, which allows me to quickly identify opportunities even when they’re not always easy to grasp

What great business story inspires you?

A Canadian mining company was looking to improve productivity. Realizing that prospectors spend a great deal of time on unpromising deposits to ensure that everything is screened, the company changed their compensation plan and became the world’s largest gold producer.
This story shows the impact of employees, how they can drive a company's results and the importance of ensuring that employee recognition and rewards are geared towards achieving their goals.

Areas of expertise

Venture Capital